Active break

An online platform for booking outdoor activities.


Design the UI for a web responsive platform
Create a design system

My Role

UI Designer
UX Designer


Jun 2022 - Sept 2022

I worked closely with the product designer on the following tasks

  1. User Flows
  2. UI Design for mobile, tablet and desktop
  3. Design system


UX Design

I coordinated with the product designer to create the sitemap and information architecture of the platform. My UX focus was user flows, which had to be done from two perspectives: the operator’s and the customer’s.

UI Design

Responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop. I created a designed system so we can easily make changes across all screens and have the possibility to expand in the future.

Design System

The platform my client wanted to create required a lot of functionalities, from booking forms and payment APIs, user login and dashboard for both hosts and customers, search and filtering, etc.

I created an extensive design system, meant to cover all situations. It included grids, colors, boxes, typography, cards, inputs and forms, buttons, multi-layer navigation, calendars, maps, filters.

The icon pack was customly designed by Roxana Oroian.