Drumetii cu copii

Drumetii cu copii is a project aimed at parents that want to keep exploring the outdoors and travel with children. I worked together with my client to develop a brand and build a blog to share their stories and insights.

Live Website

My Role

UX Designer
Wordpress Designer


Enhance the online experience on both ends: for people visiting the website and for the staff using the website.


Jun 2023 - Jan 2024

Brand Guidelines

The foundation of the project was developing a brand identity that was both relatable and accessible for parents. The brand book is at the core of the design system developed: social media assets, website, print. It features a logo, a color palette, typography, icons and imagery.

Design System


I created a design system based on the brand guidelines that would be used across all platforms – website, social media, print and other marketing materials.


I put together some templates (for example, for social media posts) as well as some reusable blocks (heading + icon or image + heading) in order to simplify the creative process for the client. I opted for Canva to build this because it was a cost-effective, user-friendly design solution that offered direct integration with social media.


Wordpress is a platform that my clients were familiar with. so it was the natural choice. Apart from offering extensive flexibility, it also offered us the possibility to add a number of editors, should the community grow.


Together with my client, I designed and implemented a Wordpress blog that features travel stories organised by the type of activity: cycling, hiking, kayaking. Each story comes with a presentation of the route and a set of technical information (including an embedded Strava map of the track).

The blog is easy to navigate and it focuses on imagery (big images, media gallery). The goal was to keep the text short and use repeatable information (cost, distance, etc.) to increase user retention.


The project started with a couple of parents is currently a growing community of people contributing with travel stories.