dotWhite Posters

The posters depict the three main values of the dotwhite company.
These values reflect their vision and support them in creating a culture of worth and belonging, where every team member knows what their attributions are and takes initiative in the way they come up with solutions. Creating clarity, taking ownership and seeking balance outline an environment where they can think big, have fun and deliver great products.

Create Clarity

It’s easy to get lost and lose focus. We need a single point
of reference. We need a mental map to guide ourselves
through the maze of complex requirements.
We need to strive to create clarity.

Take Ownership

Ownership empowers people to constant growth and nurtures problem solving.
It’s something that we willingly and happily take upon ourselves
for our common goals.

Seek Balance

It’s our strong belief that a perfect state of balance is unachievable.
Balance takes constant adjustment and effort.
Seeking ways to achieve balance is a never-ending journey.